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Vets Endorse Insect Based Dog Treats

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

All around the world, since the dawn of time, insects have been eaten in vast quantities, by animals, and people too. It’s certainly taken us an age to get our heads round it here in Europe though. We had problems with the ‘yuck’ factor, still do it seems, but not so our pets. Vets are reporting an increasing number of dogs suffering from allergies, diabetes and stomach problems, and insect protein is gaining traction as a way to resolve this…. our pets are showing us the way.

We know about the incredible amount of meat and soy that is contained in the food we feed our dogs and of the impact its production has on our environment. Our dogs don’t lose sleep over the state of the planet, but they have known for a while, that mealworm protein in meals and treats is tasty, nourishing and filing, and our vets agree.

The British Vets Association is endorsing insect protein because of its natural, hypoallergenic properties and its sustainable production values. A recent BVA voice of the veterinary profession survey indicated that 89% of vets asked believed the association should be doing more around the issue of sustainability and praised its vision to be included in these conversations…

“The agri-food sector simply cannot go on doing things as we’ve always done them. The UK has a long history in agri-tech innovation. As a profession we should continue to provide leadership and embrace the innovative enabling technologies that allow us to scale up insect production to industrial levels and use plant by-products to create consistently high-quality animal feed ingredients”
The important thing is that we feed all animals with a balanced diet. When compounded into a complete food product, insect protein offers a more sensible alternative to owners who want to offer a ‘livestock-free’ diet to their pets rather than homemade vegetarian or vegan diets which often result in poor pet health & welfare – insect-based products are palatable, nutritious and bioavailable.
Sustainability is about making better use of the resources we have. Vets are far better being part of those conversations - alongside the farming community - than not.”

President of the BVA Simon Doherty.

Dogs with issues around food are often fed Vegan diets but they aren’t suitable, for one good reason, they need a protein rich diet and it’s found in abundance in mealworms. The protein made from them is rich in essential nutrients and a great source of natural fats…not to mention its positive effects for the environment and the planet

Here on the Mr Bug farm in Devon, mealworm protein is produced in conditions of the highest quality and packed into our range of dog treats and biscuits. BUT and this is the most important thing, do they like it? The answer is a resounding yes, our customers are telling us that their dogs are loving the crunchy, natural, nutty taste and preferring them to their usual treats. So, it’s a no brainer, Mr Bugs mealworm protein treats are the answer, better for your dogs and better for the planet.

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