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Meet The Team

Dr Gia Aradottir
Dr Gia Aradottir

Chief Scientist Clever Clogs

Dr Gia Aradottir is a scientist with expertise in insects and agriculture, and a wide skill set, including innovation, fundraising, project development, project management and science communication. 


Gia serves on numerous professional boards and committees such as the International Plant Research to Insects Steering Committee, the Wheat Initiative Pathogen and Pest Expert Working Group, and is Trustee and Treasurer of the Royal Entomological Society.


Gia has a PhD from Imperial College and an MBA from Warwick Business School.

Paul Walton - Mr Bug.png
Paul Walton

Mealworm Master

Farmer Paul (as he is now known!) gave up a job running a transport company to work on something he felt was more worthwhile.


He has been farming mealworms at our site in Devon for over 2 years now and knows a thing or two about making sure they are kept as healthy as possible. This involves keeping temperatures just right, feeding with high quality local grain and carrots and cleaning to separate frass, the mealworms waste, which is like a fine dry sand and can be used as a natural fertiliser for plants.

Adam Bent.jpeg
Dr Adam Bent

Entomologist Extraordinaire

Dr Adam Bent is a research entomologist who has been working with insects for over 12 years, in both academic and industry settings. He has a diverse range of skills in insect husbandry & breeding programs, behavioural & bioacoustics assays, and data analysis & interpretation.


Adam’s previous work has always been framed around environmental impacts on insects and how insects can be used in sustainable production methods. Prior to joining Mr bug, Adam has worked with both field crickets and black solider fly, which are species that are also being regularly utilised in the insects as food and feed sector.


Adam has a PhD from Anglia Ruskin University, a love for artisanal gin, and a dog called Booker who enjoys chomping on Mr Bug dog treats.

Veneta Vet.jpeg
Dr Veneta Kozhuharova

Super Clever Vet

Dr Veneta Kozhuharova DVM, MRCVS, Cert. CFVHNUT graduated in 2008 from The University of Sofia, Bulgaria, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine with a master’s degree in Veterinary Medicine. She is a Member of The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and The British Veterinary Association. She holds a post graduate certificate in Canine and Feline Veterinary Health Nutrition, Level 4 (RQF).


Veneta provides first opinion canine nutritional consultations and researches alternative sources of proteins used in pet foods.

'In my every day veterinary practise I diagnose dogs with health conditions such as allergies, itchy skin, dermatitis, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), obesity which are consequence from poor quality proteins used in many in foods. I was looking for a protein source which is a nutrient sound, highly digestible, hypoallergenic and in the same time palatable for dogs and sustainable for the planet. 

Ingesting and processing high quality protein does not strain and damage a dog’s organs and my  research showed that mealworms are the solution.

Mealworms are hypoallergenic and they are suitable for all dogs with allergies and sensitivities.


I have found that MR Bug Sustainable Dog Treats are highly palatable and they have become my fussy Chihuahua’s favourite reward!'

Conal Cunningham - Mr Bug.png
Conal Cunningham

Bug Boss

Conal has successfully launched and managed small businesses with an emphasis on sustainability for over 20 years.

Day to day he does the boring stuff like paying the bills and bossing everyone about; in his spare time he's a pirate.

If you would like to become a stockist of our products, this is the guy you need to contact:

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