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Striking Gold: Mr. Bug's Commitment to Green and Organic Celebrated at the Pet Quip Awards


In an era where sustainability and organic practices have gained paramount importance, recognition from an esteemed institution serves as an affirmation of our dedication to this cause. Mr. Bug is elated to announce that we've clinched the Gold in the 'Celebrating Green and Organic' category at the prestigious Pet Quip Awards.

More Than Just an Award

While the gleaming accolade is a testament to our hard work and commitment, the essence of this award runs deeper. The 'Celebrating Green and Organic' category recognises businesses that go beyond mere lip service and embed environmentally friendly and organic principles right at the core of their operations. Being crowned the winner in this category underscores our relentless pursuit of sustainable excellence.

The Journey to Gold

From the very onset, Mr. Bug has been driven by a simple yet profound ethos: to provide pets with treats that are as green and organic as they are delicious. Every decision, from breeding our mealworms in our DEFRA-approved Devon farm to the packaging we use, is steeped in an unwavering commitment to eco-friendliness and organic authenticity.

The road to gold wasn't easy. The pet industry has witnessed a surge of brands promising green and organic products. To stand out among them, Mr. Bug ensured that each treat not only met but exceeded global standards of sustainability and organic purity.

A Night to Remember

The award ceremony itself was a spectacular affair. Conal, the visionary behind Mr. Bug, represented us at the event. His passion and drive were palpable as he took to the stage to accept the award on behalf of the entire Mr. Bug team. The energy of the evening was electric, with innovators from across the pet industry gathering to celebrate and champion the sustainable change-makers leading the pack.

Conal’s acceptance speech resonated with attendees as he spoke about the journey of Mr. Bug, the challenges faced, and the joy of seeing our beloved pets relish treats that are kind both to their health and our planet.

“With another Gold win under our belt Mr. Bug is inspired once again to continue our green and organic journey. We were really pleased to have been recognised by the pet industry for these efforts and remain committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainability, continue innovating and to continue to raise the bar for sustainable foods.”

Looking Ahead

With this Gold win under our belt, Mr. Bug is even more inspired to continue our green and organic journey. This accolade is not just a testament to our past achievements but a beacon illuminating our path forward. We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainability, to continue innovating, and to constantly raise the bar in the realm of organic pet treats.

To all our customers and furry friends who've been with us on this journey, thank you. Your support and belief in our mission have been instrumental in achieving this milestone. Here's to a greener, healthier, and more organic future for all our pets!

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