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Supermarkets Slow to Evolve Their Pet Food & Treat Fixture

"As a brand that has been lucky enough to win a National Sustainability Award, a Pet Quip (Green & Organic award) and a Global Good award in recent weeks, it remains frustrating that the UK’s pioneering supermarkets that have been so forward-thinking when it comes to transforming their free-from, functional food and clean deck offers that the pet food aisle remains a nutritional backwater.
40% of UK dogs are clinically obese and yet the same mass-market offerings dominate each supermarket aisle, old-school products that seem slow out-of-the-blocks with regards new nutritional priorities.
Sustainability, insect protein, the circular economy, clean-deck ingredients and functional benefits are all topics that can’t be ignored. More importantly it’s a fantastic opportunity for a more enlightened supermarket to steal a march. "

Conal Cunningham

Mr Bug (co-founder)

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