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Prestigious Nourish Awards Recognises Mr Bug

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Success comes in many guises, so it’s important to report that there is an up & coming challenger brand (Mr Bug) within the increasingly dynamic pet food arena recently earned Gold at the annual Nourish awards, which celebrates the nutritional prowess and ingredient integrity of up & coming food and drinks brands for humans.

As we know only too well, the wellbeing/healthier living movement enjoyed real growth during Lockdown as significant numbers of consumers reviewed their eating habits and embraced better-balanced diets to bolster their bodily defences.

At the same time, ever growing numbers of concerned ‘pet parents’ revisited their dogs and cats old-school eating habits and dug a little deeper into the traditional ingredient decks and health claims of their traditional pet food suppliers.

Mr Bug is an ambitious Devon-based project that celebrates not only the well-rounded ‘superfood’ prowess of the humble mealworm but the manifold sustainable benefits of an entovegan lifestyle. Insect protein has already made significant headway within the fast-moving pet food arena, however it is a space historically dominated by the bitter-tasting black soldier fly, a high saturated fat mainstay of cattle feed.

Mr Bug uses home-bred mealworms that are organically palatable to dogs and therefore do not require any additives making it, not only hypoallergenic, but also 100% natural.

The pet food industry is certainly at an exciting crossroads,’ concludes Mr Bug founder Conal Cunningham ‘with growing numbers of specialist pet food providers identifying and accommodating a variety of key ‘food minority’ pet owner concerns that mainstream pet food manufacturers have neither the time, tools or inclination to accommodate. Being recognised by an esteemed awards body like Nourish provides brands like Mr Bug with invaluable credence and acceptance at pivotal moments in their unique brand journeys.
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