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Mr Bug to push nutritious bug bites into dog-friendly establishments in the South West

This Spring sees Devon disruptor, Mr Bug push its unique range of nutritious bug bites into the South West’s growing gathering of dog-friendly pubs, bars and cafes; venues where dogs have for too long only had access to unappetizing doggy treats that have sat on the end of a bar in a jar forever and a day!

Latest news from Mr Bug.

Consistently Kennel Club research has shown that allowing pet parents to bring their beloved dogs into the local pub or bar has multiple benefits for all parties concerned, from creating a loving home-from-home environment for ‘pawrents’ to building foot traffic, generating increased levels of interaction between guests, building pub-friendly social media activity whilst generating invaluable, added snacking revenue (dog treats….)

In 2022 the Times highlighted that in excess of 2,400 retailers are now listed on the 40,000 strong business database, which has generated an exponential rise in searches for dog-friendly establishments over the last year. According to Mr Bug founder, Conal Cunningham, ‘At a time when pubs are consistently raising the quality of their human food offer, it makes sense that they also revisit the quality of their incumbent dog treats.

Made from nutritious mealworm powder that delivers more protein than steak, more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach and more B12 than salmon, Mr Bug’s sustainable bug bites pair the Rolls Royce of vitamin-rich grubs with an array of great tasting real foods including -beetroot, peanut butter, apple, cranberries, turmeric, parsnips, honey and vegan cheese.

Better than that, stocking the award-winning Mr Bug provides invaluable support for Devon’s rural economy whilst championing a young bustling pretender to the premium dog treats scene that is building a loyalist following within the indie pet shop and online scene and making its Crufts debut this month.

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