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Mr Bug Enjoys Upbeat Mintel Shout-Out In Latest Pet Food Review

‘While its expensive image is a major barrier for eco-friendly pet food, there are ripe opportunities around concepts combining sustainability and money-saving benefits, such as ‘nose-to-tail’ eating recipes.’

When you’re a young Devon business cutting its teeth in sustainable dog treats that laud the nutritionally-ripped mealworms, there’s probably nothing better than receiving a reassuring call out from the wise, data-crunching owls at Mintel.

Latest Mintel research confirms that ‘over a 1/3rd of pet parents who purchase food for their dogs and cats express an interest in pet food made with insect protein. This number rises to 46% when we talk to consumers with a gross income of +£50,000 and over 50% when U35s are factored in.’

One reason Mr Bug stands proud from the crowd is that instead of settling for black larvae, a bitter-tasting mainstay of cattle feed with a high saturated fat count produced in the industrial estates of Middle Europe, Conal & Paul opted instead to set up a rural bug farm in sunny Devon to champion ‘nutritional powerhouse’ mealworms.

Mealworms are internationally revered as the Rolls Royce of edible grubs coupling a sublime nutty twang with an abundance of beneficial nutrients. If truth be told, prodigiously palatable mealworms provide more B12 than salmon, more iron than spinach and more calcium than milk in addition to supplying all 9 amino acids!

Mintel were also complementary of Mr Bug’s ‘greener planet’ aspirations and mindful of the fact that in addition to being packed with beneficial vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, mealworms actually offer more protein than steak.

Mr Bug’s Bug Bites are hand-baked in small batches and are currently available in four beautifully balanced flavours: The Nutty One (made with Peanut Butter & Turmeric); The Fruity One (made with honey, cranberries & apple); The Veggie One (made with sweet potato, carrot & parsnips) and The Cheesy One (made with vegetarian cheese & beetroot).

According to Conal Cunningham, ‘The last eight months have been overwhelming in truth. We knew we were backing a big idea but had no idea about the level of positivity we’d receive from pet and sustainable shows. Independent trade & export interest has really started to shift in recent months. Our priority now is looking for a progressive nationwide pet food provider with a sustainable agenda to take us to the next level.’

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