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Mr Bug Makes It’s Crufts Debut

Mr Bug completes a memorable 1st business year by making its Crufts debut, the blue riband gathering of the UK’s K9 adoring fraternity.

In the ensuing six month, small business whirlwind, Devon-based Mr Bug has: secured a government farm conversion grant, secured DEFRA status for its mealworm farm facility, launched a stylish 4-strong Bug bites range, won a prestigious Gold Nourish award (for nutritional integrity), made its Pets Guru debut, built an enviable indie account base (300+ live accounts) held talks with 2 of the ‘big gun’ nationwide petfood retailers, launched the Grubby gift box, tied up with PIF, secured reams of positive trade PR and launched a vibrant 4 flavour counter display unit.

Although Mr Bug isn’t the 1st all-natural dog treat provider to champion the merits of an entovegan themed portfolio, it is at the vanguard of UK’s mealworm appreciation movement, because historically the nutritious yet high in saturated fat black fly larvae has been our island’s ‘grub of choice.’

Mealworms are a veritable feast of grubby goodness containing:

  • More calcium than milk

  • More B12 than salmon

  • More iron than spinach

  • More protein than steak

  • PLUS all 9 amino acids

Throw in the fact that the podgy mealworm offers a sumptuous nutty twang and pairs seamlessly with an array of beneficial ‘real foods’- sweet potato, parsnips, beetroot, honey, vegan cheese, cranberries, turmeric & peanut butter and you can start to see why Mr Bug’s small batch baked treats have created such a positive buzz within discerning pet retail circles:

According to Mr Bug co-founder, Conal Cunningham, ‘Whilst we suspected that we were onto something the gracious way our fledgling business has been embraced by the in-the-know pet food community has been nothing short of miraculous. We’re especially proud of our ongoing commitment to both the rural community and circular economy because Mr Bug feeds its noble grubs on Cornish bran, a vitamin-rich by-product of local wheat milling. In turn the resulting frass (mealworm poop), a nutritious ‘at one with nature’ fertiliser heads back in the opposite direction.’

Mr Bug has certainly at a time when growing numbers of health-conscious ‘pet parents’ are not only re-evaluating their own eating regimes but those of their beloved pets. It’s also clear that traditional farming is at a crossroads and that for the wider health of our planet we need to explore increasingly efficient ethical farming models that use only a fraction of the land, water and feed of their old-school peers.


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