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Mr Bug Shortlisted for 'Best Product of the Year' at the Global Good Awards!


We're thrilled to share some exciting news with our Mr Bug community: we've been named as finalists in the 'Best Product of the Year' category at the prestigious Global Good Awards!

From our inception, sustainability and the circular economy have been integral to Mr Bug's identity. We've always been mindful that as a small yet agile brand, we have a part to play in reducing our 'pawprint'. While it may seem daunting for a compact brand like us to make a significant impact on sustainability, we firmly believe in the power of small actions to effect substantial change. This is why, instead of waiting to make retroactive changes down the line, we've proactively integrated economic responsibility into our operations from day one.

At Mr Bug, we are convinced that laying a solid foundation with good intentions is half the battle won. We're driven by the vision of creating sustainable, nutrient-rich treats that are as good for our dogs as they are for our planet. This means striving for continuous improvement, constantly evolving and innovating to meet and exceed the ever-changing sustainability standards.

To be acknowledged by an esteemed institution like Global Good is incredibly heartening. It signifies recognition of our efforts, no matter how small, in making a difference within our industry. As the saying goes, big waves do start as small ripples. Recognition from Global Good embodies this sentiment, providing validation for our efforts and inspiring us to continue our work.

This recognition is a testament to our commitment to maintaining high standards of sustainability in our products and operations. But it's not only about the acknowledgment - it's about the motivation that comes with it. This honour fuels our drive to continue striving for excellence, sparking new ideas and inspiring us to take our commitment to sustainability to even greater heights.

Looking ahead, we're motivated to keep pushing the boundaries, to keep innovating and to continue our journey towards an ever more sustainable future in pet nutrition. The prospect of transforming the pet food industry and contributing to a healthier planet is both exciting and humbling.

As we stand here, shortlisted for the 'Best Product of the Year', we're reminded of the power of perseverance, passion and the belief in our mission. Here's to creating more ripples, generating more waves and promoting more global good!

In this journey of ours, we're not alone. We share it with every pet owner who chooses Mr Bug, every partner who believes in us, and every pooch that wags its tail at our treats. As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to embracing the future together, nurturing our shared vision of healthier pets and a healthier planet.

Find out more about the Global Good Awards on their website here >

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