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Mr Bug Celebrates Ethical Accreditation from The Good Shopping Guide!

We are thrilled to announce that Mr Bug, your favourite independent dog treat brand, has received Ethical Accreditation from The Good Shopping Guide! This prestigious recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and social responsibility.

At Mr Bug, we are driven by a mission to create environmentally friendly dog treats with a low carbon footprint, without compromising on taste or nutrition. Our innovative Bug Bites range of dog treats features four delicious flavours, all made with natural ingredients and highly nutritious, digestible mealworm protein.

We are proud to share that our brand has earned an impressive GSG ethical score of 82 in the Ethical Cat & Dog Food Rating Table, successfully passing The Good Shopping Guide's ethical benchmark. As a result, we have been granted permission to use their Good Shopping Guide Ethical mark, which certifies our brand's ethical status and allows you, our valued customers, to recognise us as an ethical brand.

Our dedication to ethical practices extends to various aspects of our business. Mr Bug's products are free from genetically modified ingredients and proudly made on our Devon farm, using locally sourced materials to ensure the highest quality protein and minimise CO2 emissions from transportation.

We also package our treats in recyclable materials, further reducing our environmental impact.

As an EDI (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion) compliant company, we have no involvement in animal testing and have faced no criticisms for poor environmental practices or human rights abuses. We also abstain from making political donations, demonstrating our commitment to ethical behavior across the board.

Our ethical journey doesn't end with this accreditation. We are constantly working to improve and innovate, staying at the forefront of sustainable practices in the pet food industry. We hope that our achievements will inspire other companies in the Dog Food sector to adopt more ethical policies and practices.

We'd like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our loyal customers who believe in our vision and support our cause. We promise to continue delivering high-quality, ethical, and sustainable dog treats that your furry friends will love.

Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a greener, more ethical future for our pets and our planet!

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