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Dogs are lapping up our delectable insect treats

We know about the incredible amount of meat and soy that is contained in the food we feed our dogs, and of the impact its production has on our environment. Vegan diets aren’t suitable for dogs, for one good reason, because they need protein - and it’s found in abundance in mealworms.

Here on our farm in Devon, mealworm protein is produced in conditions of the highest quality and packed into our range of dog treats and biscuits. BUT and this is the most important thing, do our dogs love it? At last, the results are in our customers are telling us that their dogs are loving the crunchy, natural, nutty taste preferring them to their usual treats.

Vets believe this revolutionary pet food is better for dogs than prime steak; it’s rich in essential nutrients, and a great source of protein and natural fats, not to mention its positive effects for the environment and the planet.

"In my every day veterinary practise I diagnose dogs with health conditions such as allergies, itchy skin, dermatitis, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), obesity which are consequence from poor quality proteins used in many in foods. I was looking for a protein source which is a nutrient sound, highly digestible, hypoallergenic and in the same time palatable for dogs and sustainable for the planet.

Ingesting and processing high quality protein does not strain and damage a dog’s organs and my research showed that mealworms are the solution.

Mealworms are hypoallergenic and they are suitable for all dogs with allergies and sensitivities.

I have found that MR Bug Sustainable Dog Treats are highly palatable and they have become my fussy Chihuahua’s favourite reward!"

Dr Veneta Kozhuharova DVM, MRCVS, Cert. CFVHNUT

Scientists are hoping that the production of insect protein could be a huge weapon in our arsenal as we battle to contain the effects of climate change. We love our dogs, but we love the planet too.

With The Nutty One, The Veggie One, The Cheesy One and The Fruity One – there’s a flavour for every doggy taste bug. Click here to find out more.

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