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Bug Bites – Hypoallergenic dog treats

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

There were two reasons why we decided to start Mr Bug and that was to help the planet and to help dogs especially those with that struggle with allergies. One main benefit to insect-based dog treats is that they are completely hypoallergenic.

Even dogs with very strong food allergies have no problem with insect-based food products due to the protein source having no allergy potential, like chicken or fish.

We use only the absolute finest quality of healthy insect protein in our treats, something we achieve by breeding our own mealworms right here on our farm in Devon!

Insect based dog treats can be very rich in protein (from 37 to 63% dry matter) and its amino acid profile generally scores very well for dogs, often roughly in line with fish and poultry.

Other key benefits are:

  • Rich in iron and protein

  • It's low in fat

  • Rich in fibre

  • Rich in detoxifying vitamins

  • Easily digestible

  • Tasty

  • ·Sustainable

You can find out more about our Bug Bites in our blog here >

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