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We've had a fab mention in Natural Products Magazine!

We are so pleased to have been featured in the Natural Products magazine both in print and online.

Please read this great article below, highlighting the great new products on the market, including ourselves, Fur feathers and fangs by Emily McCoy.

Man’s best friend? Part of the family? Emily McCoy showcases a raft of new products for the pet lover who only wants the best for their animal companions

Whether you have a pet yourself or you’re catering to customers who care for furry, feathered or fanged friends, it is certainly beneficial to stay on top of trends and know what pet carers want.

With pet health, as with other areas of life, there’s a move towards sustainability. ‘Plant powered’ is now commonplace, drawing in natural and organic shoppers who are staying true to their green form. With a plethora of products parading on shelves and websites, it’s much easier to find food, treats, supplements and grooming products for our furry friends that don’t stray from environmental ideals.

According to Dr Guy Sandelowsky, owning a medium-sized dog has twice the impact on the environment as a gas-guzzling SUV. With that in mind it’s no surprise that environmentally attuned shoppers are turning to vegan, organic and sustainable pet food.

The category is racing ahead with new forays into insect foods – grubs and bugs being top of the list with fresh snacks from established brands like Daylesford and new kid on the block, Mr Bug. Ethical and sustainable farming practices that are less ‘land and water greedy’ are still a primary concern for consumers; something you see reflected in many pet products today.

So what’s on offer? Even in your most otherworldly dreams you would never have found such items as those now available in the pet care category – all made with a huge helping of imagination. Pet lovers can dabble in fun-flavoured foods (how about HOWND’s Papaya, Chia & Lentil Dahl with Coconut & Moringa?), mealworms, fragrant soaps, shampoos and even essential oil anti-pest fabric sprays.

As a brand it’s important to explain your ethos, says the latest Mintel research into sustainable strategies for pet food companies. Packaging is the first port of call for customers, so tell the story: reassure them that environmentally friendly packaging doesn’t necessarily cost more; highlight plastic-free credentials; and don’t forget to explain the impact of choosing the greener pet products options.

WildWash Paw Balm for Cats Lush and lick-safe, massage this shea butter, sweet almond and borage balm into your little feline’s feet to help sooth dry spots and keep them on their paws.

Puressentiel Anti-Pest Fabric Spray Dust mites, bed bugs or the dreaded fleas are common problems – but no more! This natural anti-pest fabric spray kills and prevents reinfestation, with the all-star ingredient palmarosa oil.

Green People allPaws Transform mucky pups and kitties into pristine pets with Green People’s shampoos which use gently cleansing, pH-balanced natural actives that are sustainably sourced and suitable for all breeds. Options include Wild Mint and Sensitive.

Faith in Nature Dog Shampoo Having tested on humans for almost 50 years, Faith in Nature brings the same natural quality to its dog shampoo collection. Choose from Detangling for curly coats and knots, Gentle for sensitive dogs and puppies or Deep Cleansing for dirty dogs – ‘fox poo doesn’t stand a chance’.

Daylesford Organic pet foods Organic through and through, the recipes for Daylesford’s dry and wet food are made with natural and grass-fed produce, including organic offal sourced from its farm. In September the brand launched new insect treats for dogs, in contrast to its vegan treat for fresh breath, made with mint, basil and honey.

Awake Organics Natural Dog Wash Shampoo With none of the nasties, this new water-activated powder includes oatmeal, nourishing organic coconut milk and sunflower seed oil. It comes in a lightweight aluminium bottle, for on-the-go muddy moments.

Mr Bug Entovegan Dog Treats Proudly grown and cooked in Devon, Mr Bug’s mealworms offer dogs something different from black soldier flies – the predominant grub of choice in bug-based treats. Four variants are available – The Nutty One, The Fruit One, The Veggie One and The Cheesy One – all packed with nutrients.

Omni Complete Vegan Dog Food Omni products contain 30% protein – more than most meat-based dog food on the market, the brand claims. Other benefits of this all-vegan munch include glossier coats and, some even report, less offensive gas.

The Pack plant-based wet dog food You’ve seen vegan meat for humans; now pets can try it too. The Pack simulates animal products in its three alternative options to fish, chicken and beef: No-Fishy Dishy; No-Cluck Casserole; No-Moo Ragu. Each one is packed with plant protein, vitamins and minerals to support dogs’ health.

HOWND porridge for dogs This ready-made porridge for dogs is soft on the stomach and packed with plant-powered goodness. The brand has several options for breakfast-loving pets, including the latest Fresh Blueberry & Coconut Porridge with Chia & Oats.

Harrington’s supplements Harrington’s chews and tablets are not just packed with omega-3 and vitamins D and C, but they prioritize taste, naturalness and meatiness. They are suited to different age ranges and help keep coats silky and joints supple.

Noochy Poochy pouches One of the only dry dog foods that’s 100% vegan and complete, with vitamin D3 sourced from algae – great for zero waste shops too, with a 2kg recyclable bag available.

You can read the full article here >

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