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Real Sustainable Dog Treats

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

As you must know by now, one of our key focus areas is to be as sustainable as possible and we believe that we offer a revolutionary way to treat your dog and help the planet.

Who are Mr Bug?

We are the first and only 'all-UK' integrated producer of insect-based pet treats.

Based on our Devon farm, we breed our mealworms right here, ensuring the most ethical and highest quality standards are upheld and reduce our carbo pawprint hugely in comparison to our competitors.

British-made Dog Treats

From our production to our suppliers we know every factor involved in the making of our Bug Bites. We use locally sourced ingredients, food and bedding, the bakery is a short distance from the farm and our packaging is 100% recyclable. We truly are a British based producer and manufacturer with nothing imported from abroad.

And finally, why mealworms?

Using mealworms rather than other insects is also more palatable for your dog. We don’t need to use any other additives to make them tasty, just delicious healthy extras such as turmeric, peanuts and other yummy flavours.

You can find out more about our treats in our shop here >

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