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From Finalist to Winner: Mr. Bug's Sweep of Prestigious Pet & Sustainable Industry Awards

Updated: Nov 13, 2023


It's been an extraordinary season for us here at Mr. Bug. Not only did we participate in some of the most prestigious awards within the pet industry but we also emerged as victors within the wider business community cementing our reputation for sustainable innovation. Let’s recount the glorious moments.

Pet Quip Awards - Gold for Green and Organic

Our award season took off with a splendid win at the Pet Quip Awards on 1st October. Our dedication to green and organic principles earned us the gold, a milestone that echoes our commitment to eco-conscious pet nutrition and affirms the importance of sustainable practices in the industry.

National Sustainability Awards - Pioneers in Innovation

Continuing our triumphant journey, we received the Innovation Award at the National Sustainability Awards on 5th October. This accolade recognized our cutting-edge approach to pet food, celebrating our utilization of insect protein as a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative.

Global Good Awards - Acclaim for Product of the Year

The accolades kept coming as we claimed the Product of the Year at the Global Good Awards on 12th October. This award wasn’t merely a trophy; it symbolized our product's positive impact on both pets and the environment, heralding a new era of responsible pet care.

Pet Industry Federation - Recognising the New Wave in Pet Nutrition

Our innovative Bug Bites were in the spotlight once again at the Pet Industry Federation Awards on 9th November, where we proudly took home the New Product Award. This win was a nod to our fresh and revolutionary approach to pet nutrition, marking us as leaders in the industry.

Corporate LiveWire Global Awards - Innovation at Its Best

Our journey of excellence reached new heights as we were honoured with the Most Innovative Sustainable Pet Products at the Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2023/24. This recognition was a testament to our forward-thinking ethos and our efforts to deliver sustainable solutions in pet nutrition.

A Season to Remember

Each award we received this season shines a light on our enduring mission: to craft pet food that nourishes our furry companions while protecting the planet. These accolades from the Pet Quip Awards to the Corporate LiveWire Global Awards represent more than victories; they signify a collective step forward in environmental stewardship and ethical responsibility.

Our success from the verdant fields of Devon to the international stage is driven by a commitment to excellence and sustainability. Winning these awards is a heartening validation of our efforts and serves as an inspiration to continue innovating for the good of our pets and our world.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has joined us on this journey - our customers, advocates, and the diligent Mr. Bug team. These awards are as much yours as they are ours. Together, we remain dedicated to paving the way for a sustainable future in pet nutrition.

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