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Mr. Bug’s Journey of Recognition: Soaring High on Upcoming Pet Award Finals


Mr. Bug has always been on a mission to redefine pet nutrition with our sustainable, wholesome, and delicious insect-based dog treats. We are ecstatic to announce that our efforts are being recognised on notable platforms as we are shortlisted for several prestigious awards in the coming weeks. The line-up of pet awards speaks volumes about the industry’s acknowledgment of sustainable and innovative practices.

1st October - Pet Quip Finalist: Celebrating Green and Organic Our first stop is the Pet Quip Awards, where we’re a proud finalist. This award celebrates the essence of green and organic initiatives within the pet industry. Being shortlisted is an honour as it reflects our unwavering commitment to promoting a green and organic ethos through our products.

5th October - National Sustainability Award: Innovation Ward Next on the calendar is the National Sustainability Award, under the Innovation Ward category. This nomination acknowledges our innovative approach to dog nutrition. By crafting treats with insect protein, we are not only offering a high-quality alternative protein source but also taking a stand for environmental sustainability.

12th October - Global Good Awards: Product of the Year The excitement continues as we gear up for the Global Good Awards on the 12th of October. Being shortlisted for the Product of the Year award signifies the positive impact our product has not only on our furry customers but on the planet as well.

9th November - Pet Industry Federation: New Product Award Our journey culminates at the Pet Industry Federation Awards in November, where we are contenders for the New Product Award. This nomination is a nod to our relentless pursuit of reimagining pet nutrition and contributing to a new wave of healthy, sustainable pet products.

Each of these nominations reinforces the essence of Mr. Bug— creating a synergy between quality pet nutrition and environmental sustainability. The awards also present a fantastic opportunity to meet other industry pioneers, fostering a culture of innovation and sustainability within the pet industry.

We are super excited to be invited to these events, and regardless of the outcomes, being recognised by such esteemed organisations really helps propel our motivation to continue working hard and innovating. Oh and watch out for pictures of Conal totally out of his comfort zone in his new black tie rig!

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