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Mr Bug Wins Best Product At Global Good Awards

Best Product Global Good Awards

Mr Bug dared to dream and against all odds became the latest winner of Global Good’s Best Product of the Year category, a sustainable-centric award highlighting not only those businesses blazing a trail for purpose-built sustainability, those scalable businesses with the growth potential to achieve meaningful world impact.

Having already won a coveted ethical award from Good Shopping Guide and a much sought after Innovate bursary for their pioneering work on insect protein, the Global Good accolade provides Mr Bug with the proverbial icing on the cake.

Clearly sustainable, planet-friendly dog treats is only one tranche of Mr Bug’s bigger vision that actively encompasses championing both the circular economy and new-age farming.

According to Mr Bug co-founder, Conal Cunningham,

"For all our business’s light touch and informal tone, its clear to see that our big idea (sustainable insect protein)’ extends far beyond healthier snacking for dogs; into human food consumption. That said, pet treats is a highly competitive marketplace which provides all the perfect touch points needed to test and fine-tune our business’s wider farming vision, (using less land, feed and water) to create ‘everyday affordable’ yet sustainable food proteins."

Simply put, awards like Global Good are not only a fantastic accolade for Mr Bug’s hard-working team, they also reassure buyers, investors and editors that they’ve backed the right horse (bugs) by showcasing the untapped potential of this young yet vibrant business.

Read more about the Global Good Awards here >

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