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Mr Bug Brings Out Its ‘Grubby’ Gift Box For Deserving Dogs

FAB News has produced another great article for us and this time it's all about our Mr Bug Gift Box!

Look, no-one denies that dog antlers make a great photo opportunity and that a dog bib being worn over the festive period is beyond hysterical, but when push comes to shove what would your dog choose for that perfect festive stocking filler?

The answer is as clear as day, because any dog that cares about the planet and craves a real choice of veritable savoury treats would struggle to look beyond the Mr Bug gift box, a heart-thumping, letterbox sized, box of tail-wagging, nutritious joy. Mr Bug accommodates every imaginable K9 taste leanings, mixing, Devon-born mealworm powder with everything from beetroot, sweet potato, parsnips and vegan cheese to honey and peanut butter. Whatever your dog’s bug-munching preferences, this is a stocking filling that shows off Devon bug cuisine off at its light-to-crunch, biscuity best!

If your dog’s Christmas treated are already sorted why not buy a ‘grubby giftbox’ for a healthier start to 2023 rewarding your dog for losing a little unwanted puppy fat over the coming year with latest stats show that 1/3rd of British hounds remain uncomfortably overweight.

Oh and before you think your dog has had insect treats before, it may well have but nothing like these! Insect treats have traditionally been made from bitter-tasting black fly larvae that were originally created for cattle feed. Besides being more bitter than a small bag of angry limes, recent research has shown that black fly larvae is disappointingly high in saturated fats!

In 2021 10,000 metric tonnes of insect protein was created and conservative estimates suggest that by 2030 this number will have exceeded 500,000 tonnes.

Mr Bug is a big believer in the circular economy and the fact that insects are a truly sustainable protein source needing only a fraction of the water, land and time of traditional farmyard fayre.

Epicurean-orientated mealworms with their distinctive nutty twang are in case you didn’t know the Rolls Royce meets Ryan Reynolds meets man City of fine grub. Mealworms are rammed with nutritional worth offering more calcium than milk, more B12 than salmon, more iron than spinach by offering all 9 amino acids.

So whether you’re scratching your head thinking about what to buy the family hound that simply has everything or looking at last minute hamper additions/colleague boxes for hard-working pet parents it might be worth taking a peek at Mr Bug.

Mr Bug comes as a: Veggie One, A Fruity One, A Nutty One & The Cheesy One. You can shop here >

Read the full article on FAB News here >

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