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Does Your Dog Have Allergies?

If your dog has an allergic reaction to some foodstuffs, it can add an extra layer of anxiety to the business of making sure he is properly nourished. The most common causes of allergies in animals are usually associated with proteins – cheese, meats including lamb, chicken and eggs. It can be difficult to isolate the protein your dog is allergic to and to avoid it altogether, a particular challenge when it comes to treats. The best treats for dogs with allergies are those made with one single ingredient. They’re called novel proteins and one of the best sources are to be found in Insects and particularly mealworms.

All dogs, even those with allergies, need protein and it’s found in abundance in mealworms.

Here on our farm in Devon, mealworm protein is produced in conditions of the highest quality and packed into our range of dog treats and biscuits. Customers are telling us that their dogs are loving the crunchy, natural, nutty taste preferring them to their usual treats.

Vets believe this revolutionary pet food is better for dogs than prime steak; it’s rich in essential nutrients, and a great source of protein and natural fats, not to mention its positive effects for the environment and the planet.

Studies show that health conditions like dermatitis, diabetes, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, and obesity can be the consequence of poor-quality proteins in a dogs diet.

​Our Mealworms are hypoallergenic, and they are suitable for all dogs even those with allergies and sensitivities. Our sustainable dog treats are highly palatable – even for those picky pooches.

With The Nutty One, The Veggie One, The Cheesy One and The Fruity One – there’s a flavour for every doggy taste bug.

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