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Best Eco-friendly Dog Treats

We are so happy to be featured in the Smart Bark blog as Best Eco-friendly dog treats. Please read the section below to hear what they say and you can read the full blog "Best Dog Treats UK" on the Smart Bark website here >

Reaching for a dog treat can be a great way to reward your dog and give them something tasty between meals. However it’s not always easy knowing whether or not your dog's snacks are the healthiest choice.

Offering human food is not the best option unless you want to encourage your dog to beg every time you dish up your meals, so choosing a treat aimed at dogs is the best answer.

Whether you're looking for high-value rewards for training or simply a healthy treat 'just because', we sniff out and tested the best the UK market has to offer.

We'll fill you in as best we can how healthy they are, how strong they smell, size, texture and of course value for money. You can then judge for yourself which ones suit you and your four-legged friend best.

Best Eco-friendly Dog Treats

Mr Bug - Bug Bites

If you're looking for a treat that's not only great for your dog but great for the planet as well, then why not take a look at Mr Bug's Bug Bites.

Mr Bug is the only insect based pet food company that farms their own bugs right here in the UK. So they are sustainable, ethically farmed and have a super low carbon paw-print.

Yep! You read it correctly, Mr Bug's dog treats are formulated with insect protein in place of traditional proteins like beef or chicken.

They combine the mealworm protein with plant-based ingredients to create low-calorie dog treats which are ideal for dogs suffering from sensitivity or allergies.

We wouldn't recommend anything we hadn't tried ourselves (well our dogs), so what did we think ?

Of course, the first thing to say about Mr Bug's Bug Bites is that they don't resemble insects ! They look like a traditional dog treat.

This is a world away from feeding live locusts to bearded dragons - and yes, I have experienced that pleasure.

With no real aroma they have the consistency of a small biscuit and snap easily into smaller pieces.

They are available in 4 different flavours -

🐛 The Nutty One

🐛 The Veggie One

🐛 The Fruity One

🐛 The Cheesy One

Inside each cardboard outer is a resealable bag to keep the treats fresh.

Cleverly they offer a sample pack if you want to check your dog loves the taste or a larger variety pack of their four flavours.

If you're interested they are the proud winners of a Gold Award at the Nourish Awards which is human food award that assesses nutritional integrity.

Our verdict - Admittedly, Mr Bug dog treats work out slightly more expensive than some of the other treats tested, but we totally love the concept and Freddie loved the taste.

For the ultimate guilt free treat we'd recommend taking a look at Mr Bug. Keep an open mind, you know the saying - don't knock it until you've tried it.

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